Landlord's Insurance

Because things happen when you least expect it

Landlord insurance provides cover for your property - both the building itself and any furnishings you’ve provided. It also protects your rental income and covers your liabilities if your tenants are injured on your property and you are deemed to be at fault.

You can boost your cover with add-ons protecting you from lost rent if tenants are forced to move out, as well as accidental damage and periods when your property is empty.

Landlord insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it is strongly recommended for anyone who lets a property out. There’s a lot that can go wrong with rental properties – both accidental and deliberate – which won’t be covered by standard home insurance.

In fact, you may even find that a standard home insurance policy is invalidated if your property is let to tenants and you need to make a claim.

Additionally, if you’re taking out a buy to let mortgage your lender might require you to have landlord insurance in order to qualify for the loan.


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